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12 Lighting Ideas to Perfect Your Backyard

When attempting to elevate the atmosphere of your backyard, a little brightness can go a long way. Whether you want to complement your landscaping, increase visibility, or just add a nice ambiance, backyard lighting can be a fantastic way to make your space more enjoyable.

There are many ways you can choose to light up your backyard, and each has its own unique benefits. To help you choose the right lighting for your needs, we’ve put together a list of 12 backyard lighting ideas. From charming DIY mason jars to festive party lights, there’s something for everyone here. Even a small change can make all the difference in elevating your space when placed correctly. So, get inspired and enjoy your own little slice of paradise.

Add Path Lights

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add some light to your backyard is to install path lights. These are perfect for lighting up a garden path or walkway for added safety and decor. In addition, you can choose between multiple colors and sizes depending on your path and the effect you’re trying to achieve. Path lights are available at most home improvement stores at different prices. They’re easy to install and should last long if installed properly.

Recessed Lighting

You can use recessed lighting to highlight certain areas of your backyard, such as a garden or pool. You can also use it to create a more intimate setting for entertaining guests. The key is to experiment with different lighting arrangements until you find one that best suits your needs.

When you are planning your recessed lighting, always keep safety in mind. If you have small children or pets, be sure to choose light fixtures that are safe for them. In addition, consider using low-voltage recessed lights, which are less likely to cause injury if someone comes into contact with them. You should also ensure that your recessed lights are properly installed, so they do not pose a fire hazard.

Modern Strip Lights

Modern strip lights are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a versatile and stylish lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Strip lights are easy to install and can be used to create a variety of different looks, from subtle accent lighting to dramatic statements. You can install them on the construction of your pergola or gazebo for a romantic outdoor lighting option. These are also great for lining walkways and paths, walls, roofs, eaves, and even around the swimming pool, although you should keep in mind that they’d be close to the water in this case.

Subtle Fence Lighting

Fence lighting doesn’t have to be flashy or over-the-top in order to get the job done. In fact, sometimes, the best fence lighting is the most subtle. If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication to your backyard, consider using small, unobtrusive lights to line your fence. This will give your outdoor space a gentle and inviting glow without being too overwhelming. You can do this in different ways by adding lanterns, strip lights, or wall scones, depending on the kind of fence you have.

Bring Your Pergola To Life

A pergola is an excellent way to add some extra living space to your property. But why stop there? Adding some strategic lighting can turn your pergola into an outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed day or night. For example, you can hang string lights across the top of your pergola for a festive look perfect for parties or everyday enjoyment. If not, install recessed lighting in the beams of your pergola for a subtle yet effective way to add light to your space. Solar lights are also an option for those who want to save on their energy bill.

Add Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights are a great way to add light to your backyard without relying on floodlights or other electric lighting. Pendant lights can be hung from trees, gazebos, or any other structure that you have in your backyard. Consider hanging them at different heights to create an interesting look. For example, if you have a fire pit in your backyard, consider hanging pendant lights above it. This will give your backyard a cozy and inviting feel. If you have a pool, you can also hang pendant lights around it. This will create a beautiful ambiance for nighttime swimming.

Wall Scones

Wall scones can provide an elegant addition to any backyard. Line them up along your fence or garden wall for a classic look or use them to light up a dark corner. For a modern touch, try using sconces with LED bulbs. You can create different effects by hanging sconces at different heights or using them with other light fixtures such as string lights. In addition, these are a great way to add extra lighting without having to worry about cords or outlets.

String Lights

String lights are highly popular for backyards since they provide a warm and inviting ambiance. They can be wrapped around trees, poles, or even your deck railing to add a touch of light and charm. If you’re worried about them getting tangled, look for versions with built-in clips that make it easy to keep them in place. String lights are easy to install and relatively inexpensive, making them a great option for budget-minded homeowners. On top of that, there are battery-powered string lights, meaning that you don’t need an electric socket near the lights. However, use string lights made for outdoor use since these are typically built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to add light to your backyard without having to worry about electrical outlets. Waterproof lanterns are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find the perfect ones for your space. Hang them from trees, line them up on your deck railing, or place them around your pool – the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can use them year-round, so they’re a great investment, even though they’re slightly pricier than traditional lanterns.

Another thing to remember is the installation process. Waterproof lanterns aren’t as easy to install if you don’t have experience working with lighting. For this reason, it’s best to have a professional set these up for you. This way, you ensure quality and longevity.

Illuminate The Plants With Spotlights

Spotlights are perfect for highlighting the architectural features in your yard as well. If you have a beautiful tree, stonework, or fountain, spotlights will make it the star of the show. You can find solar-powered spotlights at most home improvement stores. Spotlights can also be used to highlight garden features, such as a trellis or gazebo. They can be slightly expensive depending on the size and shape. Plus, you’ll probably need a few to illuminate trees and plants. However, installing these shouldn’t be any more expensive than installing any other lights.

Retro DIY Mason Jar Lights

If you’re in the mood for some DIY, why not try making Mason jar lights? All you need are some jars, wire, and battery-operated tea lights. Once you have your materials, simply screw the wire around the top of the jar (being careful not to puncture it) and twist the other end around the tea light. That’s it! You can use these lights to line walkways or hang them from trees. Mason jar lights give a retro and romantic look, so they’re perfect for your pergola and another sitting area. In addition, you can play with these by using different colors, sizes, and types of tea lights to make the setting more fun.

Solar-Powered Lighting

Solar-powered lighting is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Many different types of solar-powered lights are available, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs. For example, you can find solar-powered string lights, flood lights, security lights, and more. This makes them ideal for different parts of your backyard, like the deck, pool area, and garden. On top of that, you can find many sizes and fun shapes like flowers, butterflies, and more.

The lights operate using solar panels to collect energy from the sun during the daytime. This energy is then stored in batteries and used to power the lights at night. Solar-powered lights are a great way to reduce energy consumption and save money on your electricity bill.

Safety Precautions

Unless you’re an electrician yourself, we recommend you hire a professional to help with your lighting project. Certified electricians know the National Electrical Code and local electrical requirements, which help them keep your home safe while they work. But even if you’re not an electrician, there are still some things you can do to ensure a safe installation. Be sure to:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before beginning your project. This is especially important for lights and equipment you’ve never used before.
  • Inspect the condition of all wiring and light fixtures before installation, especially if it’s something that used to be stored away in your house.
  • Use the proper tools and equipment for the job.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to avoid injury, especially when working around the pool and other lighting fixtures.

If you’d like help with your next backyard lighting project, you can contact the experts at Blingle. Our technicians are capable of planning, designing, and installing a variety of lighting types for both permanent and temporary use.