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What Are Fairy Lights? Types and Decorative Uses

Discover what fairy lights are and how they differ from other string lights. Fairy lights brighten up any indoor or outdoor space with tiny incandescent or LED lights. Every year, they adorn millions of houses as Christmas decorations. But what is a fairy light, and how do they improve home décor? Let’s find out!

What Are Fairy Lights, Anyway?

Fairy lights are small, decorative lights used for indoor and outdoor applications. They hang on a long string of insulated electrical wire and mimic the appearance of fairies. Their tiny lights resemble the warm glow of famous fairies from children’s books, creating a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. Most fairy lights emit a cool white or warm yellow light.

Where To Install Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lamps to a bedroom produces a magical atmosphere. Fairy lights in nurseries illuminate the room without being too bright for a sleeping baby.

Battery-operated fairy lights deliver a touch of style and extra visibility in areas without electrical outlets. Installing them in dark corners of the house can act as a security enhancement, too.

With the right decor, these types of lights go well in any room of the house.

Can I Use Fairy Lights Outside?

You can use most fairy lights outside. However, some fairy lamps are not certified for outdoor use.

Your local lighting company will know which lights have sufficient weatherproofing to survive the elements.

Can Fairy Lights Be Shortened?

Some fairy lights can be shortened, but only a professional should cut fairy lights while they are unplugged. Most string lights can not be shortened without some soldering and electrical insulation experience.

What Is The Difference Between String Lights And Fairy Lights?

While many homeowners use the terms “fairy lights” and “string lights” interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing. “String lights” is an umbrella term that includes any row of lights that hang on a flexible, electrical wire, including fairy lights. To put it another way: All fairy lights are string lights, but not all string lights are fairy lights.

Some string lights use large, traditional bulbs. Others, like old-fashioned Christmas lights, use colorful, medium-sized bulbs. During other holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day, homeowners often hang string lights with pumpkin, turkey, or heart-shaped lanterns.

How To Power Fairy Lights

Most string lights plug directly into a wall socket. However, homeowners who need a little extra flexibility should try battery-powered lights. A battery pack allows homeowners to place fairy lights anywhere on the property. Some of the other ways to power these types of lights include:

  • Solar panel
  • Generator
  • Extension cord


Which Is Better LED Lights Or Fairy Lights?

LED fairy lights are better than the traditional models because LED lights emit very little heat and last longer due to a lack of a filament. Some homeowners prefer incandescent lights to LED bulbs because they give off a warmer glow.

Are Fairy Lights Safe For Eyes?

Fairy lights are safe eyes because they emit dim visible light. However, people should not stare at them for long periods, especially at close range. Staring at any light for several minutes may irritate eyeballs unnecessarily.

Can I Leave Fairy Lights On All Night?

You can leave fairy lights on all night. Keep in mind, however, that keeping any light on all night will shorten its lifespan and consume energy. String lights that use a battery pack as a source of electricity may not last through the night, depending on the size and charge strength of the battery.

Homeowners should not waste energy by leaving string lights on all night without reason.

How Do I Hang Fairy Lights Without Damaging My Wall?

You can hang fairy lights without damaging your wall by using something other than nails or powerful adhesives. Some of the best alternatives for hanging string lights include Blu-Tack, drawing pins, and damage-free adhesive hooks.

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